Paris In A Cup

You know, sometimes I get so busy with a thousand things going on, I MISS what is right in front of me. Thankfully, that is why Bryce and Katie are at the store so much. You know, they are my extra "memory chips" to what is going around me. What I'm getting at is one of my dear friends, and one of the nicest people I know, Cheryl Turner, was also a winner in the My FoxLA's "OC HOTLIST". Paris in a Cup won first place for the best tea room! As you can see by these photos, this place is a class act. Why, because of its owner, Cheryl. Years ago, she had a Tea Room inside of her antique mall, Someplace in Time. She had decided to scale down and move across the street to the building she owned and opened Paris in a Cup. Each time our historic Old Towne Orange would host events, Cheryl is always the first one to step up and become a paying sponsor to help promote the events through advertising. This past February, when Old Towne Orange hosted its annual "Antique Affair", even though Cheryl is no longer in that end of the business, she was one of a handful that took out a full sponsorship. I've worked with her for years on events and it has always been a pleasure because she is so positive and hopeful that others will join us. I hope that those of you that live in SoCal will take some time to come visit our quaint little historic area. It's filled with history and great old buildings and homes. But more importantly, the retail stores consist of all family businesses, except for Starbucks. Family businesses were and are the back bone of this country. As we've seen independent book stores, and record stores, for example disappear to the big corporations, there still those of us here that believe in the intergrity of a family business! I hope you find the time to come visit us. You can spend a day and hopefully will make some time for Country Roads and Paris in a Cup, along with all of our other wonderful shops! Cheryl's contact information is below:
Paris in a Cup 119 S Glassell St Orange CA 92866 Tel: (714) 538-9411
Hours: Wed - Sat 11.00am - 4.00pm | Sun 12.00pm - 4.00pm.
Visit on the web at: www.parisinacup.com


The Renaissance Chick said...

Paris In A Cup...is that like Texas in a bottle? :)

Congratulations, Cheryl!


Anonymous said...

Did not know about Paris in a Cup, where have I been? Looks like a charming place.

Sue said...

Hey Stacey,
You are as bad as me! We just stay at our little ghetto end of town: Country Roads, the bars and the liquor store. Oh, I forgot and the Ex-Mormons for Jesus!

PS Its by the Army Navy store and the Enchanted Florist!!

Harmless Brat said...

i surprised my mom and took her there for her bday. the salad was great! :D

Teresa said...

Oh I wish I could come for a visit. I'm stuck here with mud pits and beer cans.