My Son Lied!!

Remember the whole "rat" issue at my house? Yesterday Bryce told me that the dead, little rat in the garage that he caught in the trap was the one he saw the night before in the kitchen. "No, we only had that one little rat, and I got it in the trap", those were his words, "I KNOW it's the same rat, I recognize it". I knew different but hoped for the best. This morning I hear him calling me to come look at something in the garage. I didn't want to go because I could tell by Bryce's voice, it was "rat related"!! Sure enough, this rat was the size of Leonard,it was huge, and dead in trap!! I'm yelling at him to go throw it outside in the trash. Which he still hasn't done. GROSS! So, because Bryce lied, and is leaving the dead rat in my garage by the washer and dryer to torture me, I decided to post his little naked butt on my blog. STOP THE LYING BRYCE!! And in case you don't know, Bryce is now 25 years old!


The Renaissance Chick said...

Well, that ought to teach him! Lie and your naked butt gets revealed to the world! It is a cute butt though!


The Texas Woman said...

Wait. You labeled that photo "bare butt". Does that mean there will be more photos of bare butts later? Cool! This will rapidly become my favorite site!!!

That'll learn that dern kid!

The Texas Woman

Sue said...

Hey Cher,
That is a good idea! I could ask random customers of various sizes at the store if they would mine posing for the new "Bare Butt" blog!