Where's Leonard When We Need Him!

The other night, we had a visitor in our house, a rat. As you see, I guess he was just a bit hungry!! I feel BAD killing anything but I don't want a rat or their entire family in my house. And apprently, according to Bryce the said rat or mouse was small. But still, GROSS! And Leonard, when he use to be an outside cat, was awesome at catching rats and leaving them on my porch. Now a days, I guess he is just fat and retired from the business! Our garage has a door off the kitchen and its nice to have the washer and dryer out there, store the dog and cat food in plastic containers that you see above. But it's not nice to have RATS in the garage. Look at the size of the hole they chewed to get to poor Sally's dog food! Needless to say, those have been moved. Yep, there's Leonard on "rat patrol"! Hey at least he's not sleeping so maybe he is just waiting to spot one. Bryce put traps out last night and there was nothing there, so I'm hoping our little visitor found enough to eat to move on and bother someone else! Bryce just reported that there was one in the trap and the garage and he's sure that was the one he spotted the other night! So, I'm going to believe that!


Malisa said...

Sue, you need to pick up an award at Moonlight Hollow! I'll be back to talk about your rat! Yikes!


Robin said...

Sorry to hear of your rat troubles.....but he sure is cute in that photo. I always thought rats were big, ugly and gray. :-)

Anyway...thanks for stopping by. I am so happy to hear you got the purses. I meant to come by and ask but I keep getting sidetracked by life.

Hope your weekend is beautiful.