One of THOSE Weeks!

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you say to yourself, "wtf"? I'm here to tell you I'm knee deep in a week like that! That picture you are looking at, BEES, in my rosebush! I was talking to Brande this afternoon, and I look out the window and in the front yard I see bunches of something flying around. Then I ask Brande, as we go outside, "is that bees"? Yep, hundreds of bees flying around in my damn front yard. So, we go back in the house, and make sure the windows are shut and "google" help me with bees. Apparently, the bees go after the Queen Bee. This has to be the biggest dumbass Queen Bee ever! I have had both in the store garden and at my house before, bees go inside birdhouses. Which reminds me I need to go get some mothballs. The Bee Buster guy told me its supposed to keep them away. Why in the middle of the damn rosebush!
So, as I'm walking back up the drive way, I notice these paw prints on my car. They're not cat paw marks, again "wtf"? A couple of years ago I saw a big fat raccoon by my front tree. Maybe that's what it is, I don't think its a opossum. And just last week Bryce was working on furniture in the driveway when a hawk dove down into a bush and grabbed a bird! I live in subarea, you know where houses are right next to each other with streets everywhere and no wide open spaces! Oh, and this is the second time I had to write this post because the first post just magically disappeared. Well, tomorrow is another day and maybe when I wake up in the morning the bees will be all gone just like magic. Oh, I just remembered it's one of those "wtf" weeks!!

*After posting this blog I remembered reading last week an article in the OC Register newspaper about these girls that rescue honeybees. Check out their blog, it's really interesting and I've e-mailed them for some HELP! You'll have to type in this because I can never get my links to work:


Malisa said...

It's that damn trash you put out by the curb yesterday! It is attracting all forms of evil! :)


The Texas Woman said...

Bee careful with all your wildlife! Take pictures when the wild honey girls take those things away. That I wanta see!

The Texas Woman

Jacque said...

Two words FULL MOON! ~Jacque