First Easter Bunny Pictures

First Easter pictures, like any of our kids first pictures of special events in their lives, mean a lot to us. For some reason, I only have one picture of Brande, pictured above with the Easter bunny. Katie and Bryce were terrified when they were baby's, and can you blame them? So, I was never able to have a first Easter bunny photo of either of them. This is Riley's first picture with the Easter Bunny! And like her mom, and Uncle Bryce, Aunt Brande, that was Riley's last picture as well. We have cute pictures of her from last year with her Easter basket, but these shopping mall photos are somehow classics which I wish I had more of. Props to the kids that are brave enough to go up and sit by these huge scary creatures and "smile" at the same time!! Hope you all enjoy your Easter tomorrow, and don't forget, Country Roads is having a big sale between the hours of 10am-4pm. Happy Easter!!


The Texas Woman said...

I saw you'd been drinking over at Malisa's tonight. Shame on you both. Try to be sober for church tomorrow, OK?

The Texas Woman

Harmless Brat said...

oh my gosh!! was that bunny at the orange mall??? lol! :D i took my dog a few years ago to take her pic with that bunny! lol :D