My Dad & WWII

This is my dad, as an enlisted guy during WWII. My dad was always a smart ass, and when he got Alzheimers towards the end of his life, he was the other kind of ass. I loved my dad, but he tortured me! The other thing I love about my dad was he documented everthing. My dad liked to document many of his photos as you can see with him, the ass, and his friend. Leave it to my dad! You know this photo kind of illustrates the type of guy my dad was. . .a bit off. Even when he was old, the things that would come out of his mouth were amazing. Guess I know where I got "that" quality from. I have another picture my dad took of their platoon dog, and on the back of the photo he has the dog's foot print. My dad, what a character. I'm really grateful though that he has left me all these pieces of not only his past, his life, but of history! I hope to find the time to organize it some day and get pictures scanned, organized and burned to CD' for my kids and grandkids. These pictures and memories make us and mold us who we are today! And as I've said over and over, I just wish my mom and dad had lived long enough to see the Obama's in the White House. I know it would have warmed their hearts to see the family picture of the Obama's and the new puppy! My mom and dad were just that way, simple folks that liked and cared for people because of "who" they were as person, never about the color of their skin!
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trash talk said...

Great photos and a lovely post about your daddy. Debbie

Joyce said...

Your Dad sounds like he was a character with a great sense of humor. Isn't it nice to look back on those old photos of our parents? I wish I had just one old photo but sadly I have no idea where they all went. Thanks for sharing. You made me smile and made me think of my Dad today.

Teresa said...

I love these photos of your Dad. And he was handsome, too. It's a wonderful idea to transfer the photos to CD for your kids, I know they will treasure it.

Have a beautiful weekend!

The Renaissance Chick said...

I think I would have really liked your dad. I adore the way he wrote captions on his photos! Just like me! We have to talk about the dog photo. I will email you. When you write about your Dad, you reall write well...you write from your heart. Today's post was very insightful. I'm sorry your parents had to miss seeing Obama in the White House and I am sad my Dad had to miss that too! I know they would have all been so proud and so ashamed about how some of the racists are coming out of the woodwork and protesting under false pretenses! I wonder what your smart ass Dad would have to say about these folks?


jeanne said...

Hello Sue, your photos show a handsome guy who must have been quite a lovable character. Love the pics and the stories.


The Texas Woman said...

Your post and Malisa's comment made me think of my own dad. He too would have been so proud of Obama in the White House. My father worked hard for intergration, long before it was the thing to do. Many times he stood alone in the fight and in the field. I'll have to post about that, I guess.

But Dad also would have stood up for the Tea Parties and people's right to express their opinion. That's the American way. He'd be the first to say, "Stand up for the right to speak out" and he'd say it on the front page of his newspaper!

By the way, my son, the farthest thing you can get from a racist, was a Tea Partier.

The Texas Woman

Montee said...

Your dad was a hoot! I think that is great he left all those little captions on his pictures.

Anonymous said...

oh Sue,i love the story of the dogs foot print.he MUST have been a hoot.and he was quite handsome too...ann

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing the photos and stories about your dad. He sounds like he was a very interesting guy!
I am a bit sad today because today is the day my dad's ashes are being interred in an Iowa veterans cemetery and due to my poor health I couldn't be there. (daddy died at the end of January. He was 86 and a vet of WWII and Korea) God Bless Everyone's Dads!!
Mary Striley

Sue said...

Please know my thoughts are with you today. Your dad "knows" you would be there if you could. Take care, Sue

Sherrie said...

Wonderful Photos!!! I really like that one of the dog! He's really cute!! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great evening!


Angela said...

Great photos! Your dad sure was a handsome man! I love the picture of the War Dog!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your kind words sue!