"Our Actions Define Us"

I was reading something the other day when I came across the quote, "our actions define us". Four small words with such power and meaning. Those words have been on my mind lately. This morning I was reading the Orange County Register newspaper. I kind of pick an choose what I read these days. I can no longer read the "economy" related stories. The one thing I always read is a section called, "The Morning Read". It's usually a positive article about people. This mornings article was called, "A Racist Says Sorry". Basically it is a story about a very prejudiced, hateful man that has lived his entire life being a racist, supporting the KKK, beating up young blacks and many more horrible things. Now at 72, he is dying and seeking forgiveness for his "actions". He wants to be "saved before he hears his last chime". It's not my place to judge. But it IS my right to believe "our actions define us". I have a very, very difficult time understanding prejudice. To me, it's unacceptable to be prejudiced against someone you do NOT know. If you want to dislike someone because of their "actions", I think that is a little different. But to hate someone without even knowning them because they are black, white, gay, or whatever other reason, is troublesome to me. How many people will look at the two pictures above the same? Here we have two young Presidents with their children growing up in the White House. They are both celebrating the joy of a new pet in the family. The only difference I see is the sadness that JFK's life was cut so short. It saddens my heart to know "why" others view these two pictures differently. I want this to be a better world for our children, our grandchildren. If you get a chance, read the article I mentioned. You can go online to www.ocregister.com and its on the front page under The Morning Read, "A Racists Says Sorry". The second part of the article will be continued in tomorrows paper. One of my very favorite songs is "Wonderful World"! I believe in songs and stuff like that. I'm far from perfect but that's just the way I "choose" to live my life.


The Renaissance Chick said...

Excellent post today, Sue! The words you wrote are right on! I appreciate the comparision of pictures. What a simple question...do you see the same thing in both pictures? Amazing that some people cringed or smirked when they saw your first photo. Simple words to live by: our actions define us.

Jacque said...

I can't imagine being a person who thinks in a prejudice manner about anything, they must be so miserable. First it is pure negative, second it takes a lot of energy and third it is so senseless because what is, is whether you like it or not! "Our actions define us" is so true, not only to the eyes of others but more importantly to our own souls. I thought it was funny when I realized that I first noticed "the love" for the dog the and pony not who the people even were.~Jacque

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Dear Sue, isn't funny how some people find remorse right before dying? Maybe is the lack of "formal religion" in me, but I always had problems with that. However, I can accept and respect someone else's ideas, no matter what religion, what color, what political or sexual preference they are. Thank you for this post! Marcela