Make a Difference, Rescue a Dog or Cat

  This is my dog Sally, the wonder dog as I call her among other names. She really doesn't do anything she supposed to do, she never did and she never will I suppose. I rescued her about eight or nine years ago from the shelter. Sally probably had been abused and would cower if she got in trouble, yelled at, or disciplined. Needless to say, I felt bad for her so that is why she is such a "free spirit"! She hates the squirrels that taunt her and loves to sit by the pool with me in "her" lounge chair, as I sit in my chair with my headphones and ipod. I love my dog, even though she makes me crazy and has lots of personal "dog issues". I also have eight cats, yes, I hate to say that, but at one time or another, they were ALL in need of a home. Now when there is a cat or kitten that needs a home, I start asking around at Country Roads to find it a home. What really bothers me most is all the people that have lost their homes due to foreclosures and they have to move into an apartment and pets aren't allowed! Our shelters are now OVERFLOWING with great cats, kittens and dogs and puppies. So, please, when you are ready for your next pet, give the shelter a try, you will be glad you did, really! These pets somehow know that you saved them and will reward you with so much love over and over. And hey, so dogs like Sally aren't perfect, they still love you!
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delighted heart said...

OK more things we have in common...I rescued our big brown dog from the side of the road 8 years ago. I'll have to post his story someday. He's been the best dog we've ever had...just a big baby. With all the things we have in common...do ya think we might have been twins, seperated at birth? Probably not...but every time you blog I can relate! LOL
Maybe we do need to check our birth certificates...HAHA Mine says May 14,1955. You certainly have a big heart! Can't wait to meet you in person!

delighted heart said...

You photograph well:-))....I thought you were a lot younger! We're only as old as we feel...cause our spirit doesn't age...it only gets wiser! That is the cutest pic with her tongue sticking out. We "rescued" the first dog we had from the animal shelter soon after we married. But we didn't think of it as rescue...it was all we could afford! He lived 15 years. Have a great day!