Decorating "Outside" of The Box

  This is my son Bryce and his wife's room at my house. He does all the decorationg, its in his blood. These little seats that Riley and Leonard are sitting on are actually airliner seats. You know, from a big jet. They make great seating. Riley is pretty fond of them, and wherever Riley goes, as you can see, Leonard follows. Decorating "outside" of the box is really a lot of fun. Finding funky stuff and utilizing it in a completely different way than it orginally was intended to be used is part of the fun. For those of you that are like myself, family, and friends you DO realize we all suffer from the same disease, right! Once the "antique-collecting-junk bug" is in your blood, I don't believe there is any cure for it so we might as well enjoy our addiction, don't you think?
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Jacque said...

Two of the rooms in my house are decorated with old vintage lawn furniture, I have a lobster trap covered with glass as a coffee table, actually my entire house is a lot of "thinking out of the box"! I love that, life can be so much fun when you do your own thing. That is why I love your kind of store, it allows my creativity to soar. Jacque

Malisa said...

I get such a kick out of the Leonard/Riley love affair! You can just tell that Leonard is totally in love with your precious granddaughter!


delighted heart said...

Those are too cool! I din't know you could buy them...I'm sure you all have fun making comments like "You're now free to move about the cabin" and "this is your captain speaking!" OK probably not...I just have the tendency to think about funny stuff like that!