How Do You Find Down Time?

  Finding "down time" for myself is something I constantly struggle with. I'm one of those personality types (not sure of the letter) that is wired!! I never, ever let myself sleep past 6am because I feel like I'm wasting my day! I have the whole package going on: I'm a Gemini, blonde, and left handed. . . someone "help" me, please!! Plus, I'm convinced I have adult ADD or whatever it is called. My mind and brain never, ever stop. When I'm not working at the store, I'm working at home. You know, there is ALWAYS something to be done. I don't pay "peeps" to do my stuff, I do it myself. So, when it gets around to finding down time, I struggle. I feel guilty. The only place I can find this is in my backyard, this is one of the pictures of where I escape. Sally (my dog) and I go to the backyard. I bring my ipod and awesome Bose headphones and I escape! I don't know why, but that is the ONLY thing that works for me. Unless of course I begin to beat myself up thinking of what I could have, should have, been doing something else besides taking time for myself. I took a break this afternoon. Here in sunny SoCal we have been having awesome summer weather. Although as the sun began to set, it got chilly real soon. But then the stars came out, and the "North Star" was shining the brightest. I'm kind of a geek when it comes to the moon and the stars. Maybe that is a good thing though because it means I have finally took some "down time" for myself!
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Jacque said...

Sue, when you let the moon and stars come first everything else just seems to get done! I love high energy people don't beat yourself up or label yourself just keep blooming! Jacque

Malisa said...

I like the way you have decorated around your pool! I think I could relax there!


Harmless Brat said...

music is like an escape in itself, and when you immerse your mind in the notes, they take you away. there may not be any better way~!