I Love My Kids Old Photos

  I'm a sucker for photos, especially those of my kids and my little Riley. Today I was working in my office, put up a new bulletin board which is actually a big metal sheet they use for roofs. I like the "industrial" look these days. Anyway, right before I was getting ready to "decorate" it (isn't interesting how we all can find anything to decorate") I came across an old album that had a bunch of my kids wallet sized photos in it. There were pictures of them at all ages. There were school photos, Little League, studio photos, and more. So. . .I decided to dedicate the lower portion of the new bulletin board, nearest to my computer, to all those little photos, kind of a collage thing. All I have to do now is glance to my left, and there are ALL my kids at different ages with big smiles on their faces. Sounds kind of corny, but those little photos are priceless to me. Even though our kids grow up, they are still our babies, don't you think? Oh, and sorry about the flash thing in the middle of my collage. Not such a good photographer it seems!
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