Thinking "Outside" of the Box

I know that I always have thought a bit different than others. And my thoughts and brain never stop and sometimes its exhausting. I "think" about stuff that happens in each of my days and what it means, and "why" I may have gone through a tough experience or had a day so full of joy. I guess I'm just a little crazy when it comes to that. I DO believe though, we go through our own stuff for reasons, and it's important to find the positive in what we experience in our daily lives. I hate when people say, "today sucked". Yep, we've all had days that maybe aren't our best, but I think if you look inside of yourself you will see how really grateful you should be to have the life you do. Anyway, I stumbled across this little book online this morning, and fell in love with it. To me, it kind of sums up life and our dreams. I ordered two copies this morning. Go to this website: dallasclayton.com and you can read the book online. Then, if you are like me, you will have to order one or two copies of this book because it truly is an "awesome" little book!

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Malisa said...

How did you ever find that site? The book is wonderful...and is a must for kids and grankids. My favorite book for my kids is The Carrot Seed... So simple with the biggest message. If you aren't familiar with this book, order it for your granddaughter!

Thanks for the book tip!