Just Another Day in the Life of "ME"

Like every morning, my day starts at 6am. I don't want to waste the day so I roll out of bed ready to tackle the day ahead. I had Riley today and also had to go back to Country Roads because we are moving stuff around in the Mercantile building. I wanted to get some work done at home before that all started. You can always tell when my son is working, a trail of Pepsi cans! That is just one photo of our chaos in the store. There are three of my bigger dealers moving around in the same building, Christina Biggerstaff, Gay Anderson, and Ginny DeRosa. So, there is stuff everywhere! There are display pieces everywhere and it looked like someone just "threw up antiques" all over the floor, as in splat! I only had to be there for about an hour, but what an hour. At one point, Riley had my glasses and next thing I knew she had pitched them across the sales floor somewhere. In the middle of all that confusion, I had to walk up to the counter to get something, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw "him". Because when you see "him", something just pulls your eyes in "his" direction. Maybe because "he" is such eye candy! I'm talking about Wentworth Miller, from the Prison Break tv show. He has the most beautiful blue eyes. He comes in from time to time and you try hard not to stare, but its tough. And if you are working at the counter and writing up his order, it's even more difficult not to stare. He's just a damn good looking guy! There is an older post somewhere on my blog that has his picture. After I put my eyes back in my head, it was time for Riley and I to go home and play all day!First we played with blocks on my bedroom floor. Then of course Riley had to make lunch for her buddy Leonard who is always thrilled to see her. I haven't had Riley all day for awhile since her daddy is out on disability because of his back. I see Riley all the time, but its not the same as just hangin out together for the day. We really had a great time. When I carried her out to her daddy's truck this afternoon(she wouldn't walk because she didn't want to leave)Riley had her little arms wrapped tightly around my neck like in the post below of Brande as a baby. And when her daddy put her in the carseat, I saw the tears start rolling down her cheeks from her big blue eyes, it just broke my heart! It is amazing how much we love those little kids, you know that bond we share. It's after 7:30 now and I still have a couple of things I want to get done before I call it a day. It's been a long day, but I don't mind, really. My life is full, productive and I am grateful and blessed to have these kinds of days. So, all and all, it was just another day in the life of "me"!


delighted heart said...

Sounds like you had one blessed day! And you still have energy to do a post and other stuff? What a superwoman! That Riley is such a cutie...loved the photo! Don't know who the superstar was but if you say he is cute...I'll take your word for it...now go rest your eyes...between him and Riley and posting I bet they need it! LOL
Hope your day tomorrow is just as sweet!

Malisa said...

Isn't it amazing that Riley cries when she has to leave you? Madisyn always does that when she leaves me! It breaks my heart! Her parents just don't understand it! Ha!