Mean People Suck

This picture was taken in my bathroom, yep my bathroom. Each morning as I dry my hair I stare at this architectural piece on the wall. It is from an old windmill. I often wonder how it was saved, how it was salvaged. Who cared enough to rescue a "piece of history". This is why I love my job. Then there are days, like yesterday, that I have my moments when you've been insulted repeatedly because (for example) you wouldn't sell the old guy a decorative waste basket that was priced at 20 bucks for 12, and then you're told, "well, your loss" as he storms away from the counter. I could go and on but I won't get into detail or the real reason "mean people suck". I know I should feel sorry for the ones, like the extremely rude guy Katie had yesterday who was mad when she couldn't discount an item to a ridiculous price for him and he said, "well they would do at Macy's". Who knows, maybe his life sucks and he has the need inside to better himself by being an ass in public! But at the end my day, I'm grateful to have Country Roads. I get to meet so many cool customers and I'm surrounded by stuff that I love. And you know, some things in life are just a given, like mean people sucking. So like every day, I begin my mornings looking at the awesome windmill piece above and reminding myself how grateful I am that I can sincerely say I love what I do! And hopefully after today when I get home, I won't have to re-read this to remind myself "why I love my job"!

*Just a little after thought on the above. Today (Monday) two days after the Mean People Suck day, I'm kind of in my own world. People had been pretty mellow yesterday and today. So, at about three o'clock this old woman comes up to me at the counter with a really cool vintage hankie. The price was only $3.00. So she says, "honey, do you think this person might take less than the $3, it looks like there is a tiny stain of some kind on it." At that point, I wanted to pick up the hankie, place it on my nose, blow has hard as I could right into it and ask, "what stain are you actually talking about!" My job is never dull, that's for sure!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hi Sue, sorry you came accross one of those that make it not-fun!! Luckily they are far in between!!!
Nice & Easy Antiques
San Clemente, CA

Malisa said...

Mean people do suck...don't they? Maybe you need to put a sign that says "Mean People Suck" over your counter and just point at it when a customer becomes rude! And then point at another sign that says "Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!"

Just trying to help! :)


delighted heart said...

Sorry you had a not so nice day. People like that are all around us. You are right...hurting people hurt others. Just tell them with a big smile...Have a blessed day! It will either make them madder or make them melt...But at least you've sown a good seed and may be the next customer will be soooo nice it will just make your day! :-)
Hope you have many great customers today!

Jacque said...

Oh Sue, the memories you brought back of those so very special (thankfully rare) customers. Funny thing back then they could really miss up my day, now looking back it is all sorta funny. I am not sure if I have grown or just given up!, either way I am smiling. Thanks, Jacque