Just A "Peek" of Things to Come!

These are just a few photos of a new little romantic space being put together at Country Roads. Little Carol, as I have often called her since she was 18 when she started working at the store, and is now 30, and a wife and mom of two of the Country Roads little toddlers, Arianna & Azul. Carol is responsible for this beautiful work in progress!
Carol has always had spaces at Country Roads, but they've always been smaller spaces with the merchandise consisting mostly of smaller items. She decided to take a step us to a big space and I was just blown away when I saw how beautiful everything is turning out, and she isn't even done yet!! This is such a beautiful display, so romantic and elegant. And if you look above the mantel on the wall, you'll see a frame over a painting. That painting is actually painted onto the wall of this space, and just happens to be an original Christie Repasy painting. About fifteen years ago, she painted it for the dealer, Sharon ,who was her friend. She had helped Sharon put her space together and painted a little floral on the wall for her. We've taken care of it all these years, to make sure no other dealer has ever painted over it. And being the way we are all, family so to speak, we've traveled the full circle with Christie joining our Country Roads family last year, and now having her own space, just down the aisle from Carol's. I think this is the reason Country Roads is such a special place to shop. Our customers are not only are dazzled by our displays, but that feeling that "family feeling" is always in the air at Country Roads.


delighted heart said...

Great booth! You have such awesome dealers! I can't wait to visit!

Anonymous said...

I peeked under the paper the other day and was totally surprised!! Her furniture peices have a wonderful perfected paint finish. I think her techniques are awesome and I think her space is going to be a smash hit!