"I Have a Dream"

To me, today has great meaning. I'm old enough to remember Mr. King, and unfortunately, I'm also old enough to remember his death, and the horrific way he died! Even today, there are times I feel we have learned absolutely nothing from history, and I feel frustrated and saddened. I majored in Sociology in college, and I'm still pretty liberal in my opinions, but I still believe in being positive. And even in the sadness of the death of someone has brilliant as Martin Luther King, I remember one thing. That tomorrow, yes tomorrow, we will have a new President, someone that for me, represents HOPE!! The FIRST African-American president of the United States! So, as I go to sleep tonight remembering everything that Mr. King stood for, I believe in that full circle of life, I believe in Barrack Obama, and I believe once again in HOPE! I sincerely hope that you too share these thoughts, positive thoughts, hopeful thoughts, that Mr. Obama will make a difference in ALL of our lives, a difference in our world, and most in important, a hope there will be a difference in the way we look at each other, regardless of the color of your skin!

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Malisa said...

Amen, sister!