The Finished Presentation

This is the finished presentation of one of my kids, Carol Castillo's, space. Although little Carol is not my biological kid, I still love her like I do my own kids! When Carol first got this armoire, it was a small, scratched up unloved walnut armoire. And now look at it! Wouldn't it be beautiful in a baby's room? I love the way she has displayed these colorful florals, especially around the vintage birdcage. Wouldn't you like to curl up next to the fire with a good book on a cold winters night in front of this awesome fireplace & mantle? All of us that know Carol, know what a big fan she is of pink! This buffet or server would add a little romantic elegance in just about any dining room. Just another photo of another great display Carol has put together. You know, Carol is one of the sweetest, most sincere kids that I know! Always positive, always willing to help, and never, ever taking credit for what beautiful displays she knows how to put together, and has been doing for a long time now. I'm SO proud she has finally taken a space big enough to really showcase the talent she has. I have a pretty good feeling you'll be seeing many more photos in the future of Carol's presentations.

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delighted heart said...

The pink Chandelier is too cute too! and the pink dresser and the little white wardrobe. Oh you could outfit the whole nursery from her booth! What a talented girl and lucky you to have her! Hope you are having a great week!