I'm a Sissy

  I'll admit it, I'm a sissy when it comes to cold weather, I hate it. I was taking pictures at the store today and I was outside in the garden. It was beautiful out, and a white rose had bloomed which reminded me of warmer days. You know, I hate wearing layers of clothes, I hate wearing my Uggs to work, I hate having to wear a jacket all day and I hate having a chapped face even if it gives you that "rosey cheeks" look! An interesting part of all the above, is this happens while I'm working "inside" of Country Roads. My store is housed in an old 1919 building which I believe at one time was a warehouse type store front. We have no heat, or hot water. The past couple of weeks when I've opened the store the temperature has been 51 degrees inside. Come on, this is sunny, southern California! I know many people enjoy this weather, but I gotta tell you, I'd choose the heat, shorts and flip flops anyday over the cold! Our skies are clear and it is beautiful outside. I enjoy these things while I'm trying my car with the heat on full blast! I watch the news and there are times I watch in amazement how people live with snow and ice and all the misery that must go with it. I just don't get it, I don't know how they do it, and as I said above, I can't help it but I'm a sissy!
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ajunkqueen said...

Sue, after living in coastal Southern Calfornia, for 25 years, and returning to Texas, I now look forward to cool mornings, I miss Carlsbad, for the weather my special friends, and the flowers. I visited my brother in Newportbeach, in July, it made the hot summer seem shorter this year. I visited your store while there, it was great one of my favorites to visit. I miss American Roots.. I have been in Texas 50 miles from Round Top/ Warrenton, since 2000. Texans are very nice people. Enjoy keeping up with your blog. Renee

delighted heart said...

Sorry you are dealing with the cold...after our temps being in the 30s on Monday we're going to be back up to 75 on Friday! Crazy! The best thing I've found for cold weather are Cuddle Duds long underware....they're similar to silk long underware and are really thin but keep you warm..you can wear under jeans and not feel constricted. Hope it warms up out there for you soon...I know the rainy season is about to start. The rose is beautiful.
stay Warm!