Scarey Little Doll Eyes!

I was a little slow in paying attention to all these doll heads rolling their in my store! For a long time now, the dealer right across the counter has had two cases full of vintage dolls. They scare the crap out of me. I feel like they a starring at me as I work! Now with the popular thing being just the "heads", yikes, someone save me! As I walk through the store I feel them starring at me under glass! Some of the scary doll heads are under glass all dressed up with class, but no where to go, and yes they are a tad frightening too. This group of doll heads are really old, and "really" evil looking. They are so evil looking they are all locked up in a case like they might escape! Okay, if this little trio of girls don't prove my point, how much more wicked can you be than the one on the left? Just look into THOSE eyes! But hey, if you like to be creeped out, stop by Country Roads. I'll point you in the direction of all our scary friends. Believe me, I KNOW where each and every one of them are ALL hiding!!


delighted heart said...

HAHAHA! Yes they do look like they need to be i a horror movie picture! Didn't they already make one? Maybe that's why we think they are scary! That's one collection I haven't started...and don't think I will. I think my husband would draw the line on that one.

A Wild Thing said...

I have several in my own collection...but I gotta admit...those three are possessed!

Good thing I don't have a man around the house...I can be as eccentric as I want...if it's legal! Ha!


trash talk said...

Picture them on a lamp with the light coming out of their little wicked eyes!!! Debbie

time worn interiors said...

Oh, I love, love, love doll heads! My kids think they are creapy! Thanks for more pics.

Malisa said...

Girl, I gotta agree with you on this one! Creepy! Now, all my junkin' friends will chase me around with their baby heads...that's what I call them! My "bidness pardner" and lots of blogging buddies LOVE them! Whatever!

Don't stay in there at night by yourself!


ajunkqueen said...

I have a large doll size 4 toddler that has googly eyes when one of my friends comes to stay i have to take her out of the room.
Where I sell at Warrenton Texas, the girl across from me is known for her doll heads, a woman said to me your booth is so well done it bothers me you are across from the voodoo queen, but no one has trouble finding me.
except Time Worn Interiors she had her husband drive her up and down the isles of Bar W field screaming my name, there a lot of crazy folks out there.