You Know You're Old When. . .

  Okay, I know I'm "old" when I've researched, read reviews, and thought, and thought about what kind of new cell phone I wanted! All along, I had been leaning towards the iphone, but I kept "thinking" it would be to tough to learn. You know, that OLD voice in your head that tries to convince you to just keep doing what you are use to! Today, I told that voice to "shut up" and bought a new iphone. I absolutely love it and it has been, by far, the easiest cell phone I've ever had to set up, plus being pretty cool as well! Now I wish I wouldn't have listened to that "old" voice when I got my new computer last year and gone with a Mac instead of the PC. What is the lesson in all of this? First don't be a dumbass by listening to those"old" voices in your head, its time to bury them. From here on, I'm ready for whatever new technology is thrown my way!! Even if it is something as simple as buying a new iphone!
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Malisa said...

Love my IPhone too! My 5 year old granddaughter knows all things imaginable about my phone...she teaches me! Now my 1 year old grandson grabs my IPhone and runs! Why are these young kids so technology savvy? Be sure and download Urbanspoon...it is a fun restaurant guide/selector! And the camera is great...and you have a built-in Ipod...and on and on and on!



delighted heart said...

Mr. Hero gave me mine a year ago for Christmas and it wasn't on my list! I didn't think I would like it but I LOVE it! My daughter gave me one lesson on it and I was good to go! I take so many photos with it! I'll take a pic of something I want to remember (a piece of furniture) then flip to the notes page and type in the specifics about it. It really is handy and you can go to apple.com and watch a tutorial about it. Just don't drop it...they don't bounce very well and dropping is not covered under the wauranty! My son can tell you about that! I know you are going to love it! I'm debating on a Mac also...my kids love theirs.