Time For Swim Lessons

I took Riley to her swimming lessons this afternoon. It's a great little swim school down in Seal Beach. She's been going since she was really little. As I've mentioned before, I have a pool and want her to be "water safe"!The best part about this school is they teach them water safety first. You often hear the swim instructors saying, "kick,kick,kick". They teach them first how to flip over if they fall in and float, and later how to kick to the side on both their tummies and back!Riley, "being Riley", takes a moment here to discuss the different types of fish on the mural with her instructor.There are times the instructors are firm with the kids so they will learn to swim, and learn to listen as well for their own water safety. But they are always rewarded in a loving way as you can see Riley getting hugs and being told, "it's okay, it's okay".The lesson winds down and ends with a reward of getting to go down the slide into the pool. All the little kids seem to enjoy "that" part of the lesson!! It is so amazing to see all these tiny kids swimming like little fish. And the best part, you know they are water safe and have been taught to survive even if they accidentally fall into the pool. I didn't go the day Riley had her "survival test". What happens is someone from the swim school walks by them while they are fully clothed and pushes them into the pool. But the good news, is Riley, just like the others, survived by flipping over on her back and kicking back to the side of the pool!!I took this picture after we got home from swim lessons. Riley had fallen asleep on the short ride home. She decided she would hug her buddy Leonard's neck really, really hard. So, sadly Leonard bit her! After all, he did have to breathe. As you can see Riley's feelings were much more seriously hurt than the injury that has the washcloth wrapped around her arm!!

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Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Tough day for Riley!!! She looks so tire and sad on that last picture...we bet she felt much better after a good nap!