The Week in a Blink!

Where the time went to this week, I have no idea. All I can say is the week flew by and I'm feeling it today. I don't know if I'm the only one, but there are times I can't even remember what month we are in! This year has gone by so quickly!Cottage White was in yesterday fixing up their new area of the store. John and his wife (sorry, I forgot her name) have done an awesome job. John's wife was apologizing to me yesterday because her displays didn't look the way she wanted, but she kept running out of time. There's that word again, "time", that we are all trying to find more of these days! But believe me, her displays look great!Lori Hannah "officially" joined out Country Roads family this month. And because of my lack of "time", I was late in sharing some of her awesome works of art!Lori is a very talented artist, and here are some of the bracelets she designs. It seems like I've known Lori forever, that is how quickly "time" passes! It's nice to have her be a part of our Country Roads family!I finally made "time" yesterday after work to get to see Riley. I've missed her so very much. It has only been for a few days but I'm use to seeing her almost daily! I brought over another birthday present for her. I ordered it awhile back, but apparently the shippers have been having "time" issues as well!American Girl has a new line of dolls out for the little girls to play with. I think they are called the "Itty Bitty" dolls, or something like that. I could sit all day and watch Riley play with her dolls. She is at the fun age of pretending, and it melts my heart to watch her. Riley is so loving and caring, I'm proud of her.Gloria emailed me a picture from Warrenton this morning. She said its been raining yesterdayn. I've known Gloria for a really long time, and no matter how early in the day, no matter what the weather is, Gloria always is put together in regards to make-up and hair!! Looks like T&T (Tim & Ted) are having a great time with the other "T's" in this photo!! Check back for some pictures from all my friends in Texas. I guess pictures are the next best thing to being there! And since this week flew by in a blink of MY eye, I best getback to work before I lose anymor time!

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