Thank You!

I would like to say that's me in the picture above, but I'm not that tall nor do I dress that fancy. A better picture of me would have been flip flops kicked off, and collapsing on top of my bed still in my shorts! All of you that shopped with us over the week-end were amazing! For those of you that accidentally stumbled into the store in the middle of the Street Faire chaos, thank you. I know it wasn't easy to get to Country Roads! And for those of you that made our sale so successful yesterday, I have no words. A successful sale for me isn't all about the numbers, although they were so appreciated. It is about the support all of you give myself, my family and to Country Roads. Your sweet comments about this blog were heartfelt and I am so appreciative to each one of you that take the time to let me know how much you do enjoy reading my blog. Thank you! As most of you already know, Country Roads is much more than "just a store" to me. Again, thank you all for reminding me of that yesterday and over the week-end. Please know that we all appreciate each and everyone of you!

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Malisa said...

I think the kneecaps look like you! :)