"It Might Get Loud"

Yesterday I went to the movies. "It Might Get Loud" was more of a documentary about The Edge (U2), Jimmy Page (Led Zepplin)and Jack White (White Stripes). It was a smaller theatre I went to and there was probably only 7 people there, one couple,and the rest were people by themselves like me. Those of us who LOVE music love a film like this. It was a history of not only music, but of the guitar and our world at different eras. It was awesome to see these talented guys get together and talk about what music meant to them growing up. Their styles all a little different but their hearts, all the same. As the movie ended they all sang and played together one song. Although Jimmy Page says he doesn't sing! Music takes me away to different places, different moods, different memories. As I've said in my past posts, on my parents graves both of their plaques have lyrics from two different artists. Because to me, the lyrics are poetry put to music. If I am having a bad day, all I need to do is pop on my headphones, and plug in my ipod and I'm taken away to a much better place. Music is about putting feelings into the creativity, to the song and bringing it all together through a guitar. If you are like me, and have that passion for music, I strongly suggest you go see "It Might Get Loud". I loved it!


Malisa said...

How cool! I can read in your words just how much you enjoyed this film! You are indeed a music girl! I use to teach poetry using song lyrics. Kids could always relate to that. Hope you have a great Labor Day Sale attendance! I know you have that wonderful music playing throughout the store!


trash talk said...

I agree! I have always felt that the American poets of today are the songwriters. People like Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson,Billy Joel, Bob Dylan and others where the song sound just as good being read as sung. Willie should have been a Poet Laureate, his words are so telling. Course he is a Texas boy so I'm going to be a little prejudiced!