All The Way From Philly!

Yesterday at "the store" (my family always refers to Country Roads as "the store") I met the nicest family. They told me that they had flown in from Philly just to come to Country Roads and to visit Disneyland. I was so touched. Pictured from left to right, and I hope I am correct is: Mary Ann Betz, Danielle Betz, Nicole Betz-Foti, and little Angelina Foti! Danielle was telling me how much she likes my blog and was so excited to come out and shop at Country Roads! When I hear customers say things like that, I'm still amazed and very flattered!Danielle was also very excited that Rachel Ashwell is coming to the store in November and wishing so badly she could get back out here for her Rachel's book signing. I told her I would get Rachel to sign a book for her, after all she came ALL the way from the East coast!! She loves the blog and had such kind words to say yesterday. I will remember this nice family for a very long time, thank you! When I sit at my computer and write these blogs, to be honest, I don't think many people read them. But when I have a family fly here from Philly, I'm extremely touched. The picture of everyone was taken in Christie Repasy's space. They bought a couple of her prints. I called Christie and she is going to be in her studio today. So, they are headed down to Laguna Beach to not only meet Christie, but to pick out frames for their prints. What a wonderful family. Their smiles made my day!


Malisa said...

I read you every day and love your posts! Why didn't this nice family stop by Texas and pick me up?


The Texas Woman said...

Met your friend at Teresa's blog party. Wish you'd come with her!!!! Maybe in the Spring?


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

And now they will meet another sweet heart...Christy is just the nicest gal!