A while back, Ruthie had sent Riley a garden book. Riley is always picking it up and looking at it, she loves the book. And she always says, "this is RuFie's book she sent me"! I love the way she says "RuFie"! Ruthe's daughter, Susan, sold the house and is moving back to Ohio. She too has been through a lot, and it is time for everyone to look forward to better days. Bryce went over last week and got "my rose", that Ruthie had given me. I'm working in my garden preparing it for my Fall plants and Ruthie's rose. Believe me, it will look better than it does in this picture very soon!I could have gone to the estate sale at the house before everyone else. But as I said in a previous post, I couldn't go into a "house" that use to be a "home" filled with so many memories. And my fondest memories were those of our Country Roads "Operation Sell" meetings. They will always hold a place in my heart! I was working at Country Roads last week, and I saw those little kids rain boots above, they were in Darcy's space. I fell in love immediately, and they vaguely looked familiar. So I bought them and brought them home with me. What I found out from Darcy was that she got them at Susan's estate sale. It's funny how your heart sometimes remembers more things than your brain! Once Darcy told me that, I could remember those little boots sitting on Ruthie's kitchen table as a center piece at our Operation Sell meetings. She would put fresh cut flowers in them and it made a beautiful display on the table! My house is full of many, many things. Actually, too many things. But a lot of my "things" are those that were chosen by my heart, things that have special meaning to me. I can't wait until "RuFie's" rose begins to bloom again and I can cut the roses and put them in these little boots! Thank you for the memories "RuFie"!


The Renaissance Chick said...

How very sweet! I know Rufie appreciates you honoring her in such special ways!


Jacque Ferreira said...

I love this! My home is all heart as well and as I walk through it, I am reminded of all the priorities in my life. Ruthie sounds like my kind of lady~Jacque
I love the post on your son, very nice as well...