Living My Life Through Pictures!

This has been a tough week for me. Many of my friends are in Texas shopping till they drop, and me, I'm working a bit more than I normally do. Katie has been sick so I'm covering for her at the store. If you see my friends above, Tim & Lisa and Ted & Gloria, be sure to tell them to send me some more pictures! Tim is pretty easy to spot, "the hair" is the first clue it's Tim headed your way. Also, I currently don't have any pictures, but if you see three "older" nicely dressed women out shopping while laughing hysterically, they are also part of my Country Roads family!!I haven't seen my little Riley since Saturday!! That is unheard of for me and I'm planning a visit today after I leave work today. Which by the way is going to be EARLY!! Katie has been sending me pictures of Riley, like above in her tutu and pink flamingo slippers I got her at the zoo!Riley is becoming quite handy using a power drill as well this week. See how much I miss when I don't see my little girl?The one little baby I DO get to see though is Morgan. She was lying next to me in bed last night while I was working on my computer. I love the little "flower power" pj's with peace signs! Hopefully I'll have some more photos of all my friends and Country Roads family in Texas! Malisa promised me she would take pictures at the blog party for me, and as soon as Gloria finds out where it's at she said she would snap some pix's as well! Next Spring, I don't want to be "living my life through pictures", I want to be in Texas!!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Next year...take a break and fly to Texas, Sue! You sure deserve it!!!!

Malisa said...

Sue, it is a done deal for the Spring. You WILL be here! We will have so much fun! Loved your post today!