Gramma's Girls!

The time I spend during the week with my "girls" is the best part of my week! Here are some random things Riley and Morgan I did this week. I took Riley to her swimming lesson. I'm always amazed at how well she swims for being so little!Riley is ready to jump in the pool and swim to her instructor. She's like a little fish now.
Morgan was enjoying hanging out in her swing until the batteries died!Morgan tried to sit a spell in Riley's little chair. She liked it at first & thought it was fun.The fun ended when she tipped over and Riley tried to help her!Riley enjoyed riding her Dora scooter that Brande got her for her third birthday. She especially enjoys the little bag on the front of the scooter to hold all her stuff!Little kids never miss a thing like this old banjo that sits in the corner of the family room. I think it use to be Brande's. Riley gave it her best shot at trying to strum a tune. My weeks are always so full with so many things, but I have to say, my very favorite times are when I spend them with my girls!

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Malisa said...

Madisyn and I are coming over to play!