I Just Can't Give 'Em Up!

We were "slammed" at the store yesterday, with "slammed" meaning very busy! This morning my feet are still tired. I debated wearing some "real" shoes, but it's hard to give up those comfy Locals flip flops!I'm a real example of "California Casual" gone bad! Seriously. I love to wear my Locals flip flops. You can only buy them in Hawaii, and they are cheap too. They run around $3.99 to $4.99, depending where you get them. I have them in all colors to match my California Causal work attire which is basically shorts & aloha blouses. I'm lucky that I'm self employed and can wear what I want any day of the week! Thanks to George for making us understand these past years that all of us really didn't need to take a vacation, I started to worry over my flip flops. I mean I haven't been to Maui in several years, but thankfully my sister would go on vacation every year in May and bring my home a new selection of flip flops!! This year when I asked her when she was going on vacation and she told me she was going to Alaska, I was stunned!For my birthday this past June, she presented me with a bag full of brand new Local flip flops! Do birthdays get any better? I didn't think they sold these in Alaska so I wasn't sure how she got them. Apparently, her girlfriends sister went and brought a bag full home for me! And then not too long after that, one of my sweet dealers, Robin, was vacationing in Kauai, and asked if I wanted her to bring me some Locals home. How sweet is that? I glanced at these this morning, my Vans Prison Issued tennis shoes. They are very comfortable, I have them in many colors, and I should be wearing them rather than flip flops! As we all know, flip flops are the worse "shoes" for your feet. And I've had stitches in one foot, and broke an ankle a few years back, AND work on my feet all day, so I shouldn't even OWN flip flops! But you know, I just can't give 'em up!You won't find "heels" in my closet, or actually many other fancy shoes. I do have the Uggs above when our Southern California weather tragically drops below 60 degrees! But outside of that, because I DO live here, there are many times during the year I can still wear my favorite "shoes"! You know, the Locals that go oh so well with my California Casual look gone bad!!


trash talk said...

Haven't you heard...down here in Texas, shoes are optional...unless it's winter!

Malisa said...

My kind of girl!!! I am addicted to Nike flip flops because they support my high arches! I haven't worn real shoes in years!