White Wednesday

My "White Wednesday" post is running late like I have been this week. Seems like there is never enough "time" these days. This "White Wednesday", I'm in my home office, which is a random collection of things I love. When I'm working and writing, it's nice to be surrounded by my favorite things, like the old tin architectural piece above. When I look at this old cabinet that is filled with vintage Hawaiana, my mind can wander back to the beaches in Maui, a quick escape for days my brain is on overload!Vintage buoys, an old white stool, shells, and old locker drawers, and a globe; just a few more of my favorite things.A vintage architectural piece above an old Coca-Cola advertising sign, is on the wall across from my desk. Something I enjoy looking at from time to time. A favorite birthday present from my son earlier this year is also across from my desk. Here's my "office staff" that make it totally impossible at times to get any work done! They battle over which one of them can get right next to me!My office is eclectic, as is my home, filled with not only things I love, but those in my life I love as well! For some great photos of other "White Wednesdays", go visit Kathleen she is our gracious "White Wednesday" hostess!


Debra@CommonGround said...

Your white cabinet is awesome and of course, love your office staff. Looks like home!

cindy-stitches-n-stuff.blogspot.com said...

Thanks for letting me stop by, love the staff.


Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Love your tin architectural piece and the "S"...I have a similar one! I wish my office allowed it's workers a 'naptime'! You have great stuff!

Sandi said...

I love the architectural piece over the coca cola sign!!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Those blue metal baskets are just perfect!!! We've running late too...crazy week! hang in there!!!!

Faded Charm said...

You've got some great architectural pieces. I especially love th old tin piece. thanks for sharing today.

Enjoy your evening.