My Country Roads Family "Doin" Warrenton!

Thanks to Gloria, I too get to "do" Warrenton through pictures. The picture above is my very favorite as you see from left to right; Gloria, Tim, and Debbie. The reason it is my favorite is because there Debbie is, who I have gotten to know through the blogging world, with two of my good friends. It really is a small world after all. Thanks Debbie for posing with my buddies!

Here's Tim smiling with a treasure he's found. And I can tell you as he is smiling for the camera, his brain is racing as he thinks what he is going to make out of this.

Our Country Roads "girls"! From left to right are Lisa, Gloria, Jeannie, Pat, and Margaret. And of course the one's having a great time with "wine in hand" are Lisa and Margaret. You go girls!!

"Come on Lisa, just say cheezzze one more time so Gloria can take the picture"!!

Here's my "fancy girls", all dressed up and having the time of their lives. What you can't "hear" in this picture is all the giggling that I know is going on! They are just too cute when they get together!

This is a picture of "Tim & the Girls"! Margaret is trying to fool us by hiding wine in a water bottle! See, even I can tell and I'm only looking at a picture!I'm not sure who this beautiful display belongs to. Gloria forgot to tell me. But what amazes me is this awesome display is set up in a tent! Maybe I should post it in my store for a handful of my dealers that don't understand the importance of "display"! When Gloria returns home, I'll have more pictures of the awesome displays she took on her camera. I'm hoping that Gloria makes it to the Blog Party tonight so I can see some more pictures of my Texas girlfriends. Have fun everyone!!

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Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

I was in Warrenton for the flea market last Friday and Saturday (all the way from Montreal) and it was AMAZING! I had the most wonderful time there - it is so different being there in person, because pictures just do not do it justice. Debbie is a total sweetheart and I too loved meeting her. That fabulous display belongs to Country Garden Antiques - you should see the rest of their booth!