The Morning Newspaper

I'm still one of those people who like the newspaper. I get two, one is a paper from Long Beach that I've read since I was a kid, The Press Telegram. The other one is the O.C. Register. I get that one because Country Roads is in Orange County. I don't always have time to read the papers in the morning, but I do enjoy them. For me, I like to read them because I can "choose" what I want to read, rather than watch the news on TV which is often times too much for me. On my 10 second walk to get my papers in the morning (yes it's quick when you live on a postage stamp sized lot)it's that time of year when the spiders are spinning their awesome webs. I'm always amazed to watch them, and see the finished product. Talk about art, seriously. Often times though, I walk into one, and then go into the crazy person mode of swinging my arms around to get it off of me and clear the path so I can get my newspapers. Thankfully, and I do MEAN "thankfully" this morning I didn't hit a spider web that had a spider attached! The picture above is the "little" guy that was busy at work! I was kind of surprised at the size, since our garden spiders aren't usually very big. I can't kill bugs, I just don't have it in me. I guess its because I see the beauty in much of what they do, like the spider webs they spend hours and days working on. Sometimes I think if we all just take a moment or two to notice the importance of those little, simple things in life, some of our daily burdens wouldn't be quite so heavy. My ten second walk for my morning papers did just that for me today!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

That spider was lucky to have run into you...she will be so dead if it was me!!!...I do marvel of their work though and I'm always sure to remember it during their eulogy!!! LOL!!! Marcela

Basil Becky said...

What a surprise! Hope that you have a great weekend.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

I noticed the pic and had to pop over and comment. Good for you not killing it.. I know I would of been running a mile. We get them a good size larger here in Australia you would think I'd be used to it.

Well I was chased by a bee again this morning having my morning coffee so nature is standing up to be noticed!! haha

Lovely blog... I found you via Romantic Homes magazine which we get here in Aus.. and the article on your home is my favourite so far!! Just love it... sans le spider! x Julie

Malisa said...

Swat that sucker with the newspaper!