Somehow I Survived!

In a few hours the Street Faire will be over! But for me, its OVER, I'm home. When I took this picture of my favorite babies, Ari and Azul, I was wishing they had room for me to crawl in the stroller with them!It was an exhausting two days, to say the least. Today was much more crowded than Saturday, maybe because the weather was cooler. Who knows, but our customers were exhausting!The questions that you answer over and over are endless. And I won't even get into the obnoxious people and how rude they are. It's funny how adults immediately turn into little children when they hear the "NO" word! I will never understand the whys of how people somehow think the ruder they get that somehow, some way, it will make the "yes" word come out of your mouth. But we did have some super nice people which I need to be reminded of! Like the sweet, sweet guy that bought a vintage pink prom dress for himself, and I had to add extra paper so it wouldn't get dirty! I loved him because he was not only sweet, but polite, fun and made me smile in a good way.When I got home, I checked my emails and to see if there were any of my favorite blogs up. I have to say a big THANKS to Cher for posting this video. Even Fluffy, my cat was laughing in a "kitty kind of way"! So, with my 18th Old Towne Orange International Street Faire behind me, I will now go open a cold Corona, and step outside to my backyard. I'll sit with my dog Sally, my ipod and soak my dirty Street Faire stained feet (probably shouldn't wear flip flops so much) in my pool, and look forward to our big sale tomorrow "I Survived the Orange International Street Faire Sale" at Country Roads!!I have to tell you, Country Roads is not just a job, it is an adventure!!

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