Our Furry Friends

Leonard is getting old! Of course, Leonard was as old as dirt when he showed up on my doorstep after the ex had departed almost 11 years ago. He's having more trouble jumping up on my desk these days but as Riley can tell you, Leonard still carries a good set of teeth! When you have pets, you have that "sense" when they really start to age. I watch Leonard and see him slow down a bit, see him lose some weight and know even though he's not in pain, his age is slowly catching him. I think about his time that is left, and how will Riley cope after he is gone? I remember when my kids were small and our little dog, Lucy died. I think explaining to them about death is a part of life, but not a happy part. So, for now, we will continue to endure Leonard's little "love" bites that leave marks, and I've got a chair by my desk so its easier for him to jump up on. And after all, this is Leonard, who may fool us all and live much longer than any of us expected!!


Debra@CommonGround said...

This is so hard to have a beloved pet and see this start. I've had and loved cats all my life, I had 3 pass within a 2 year period and it was really hard. He is one lucky boy to have such a great home in which to spend his old age.

Anonymous said...

isn't it interesting how we accomodate our pets. Sylvester now has a chair, then a bar stool to help him get onto 'his' part of the counter for meals. getting old and slowing down SUCKS!