The Boys!

Tim and Bryce, "the boys" have been at it again! This past week they built out a new dealer space for John, of Cottage White, who is moving from Sunset Beach to Country Roads. There is a bit of an age difference between "the boys" but their brains and creative energy run along the same frequency!Basically, they took an area that was merely floor and walls, and by using John's architectural elements started turning it into a really awesome looking space for John!Tim's creativity is endless and Bryce seems to be following in those same footsteps. Whether they are out in the hot desert digging for treasures, or helping someone in the store, the energy level always runs on high when the boys team up! Here are some more photos of the Cottage White project.

Be sure to check back so you can see the great vintage pieces that John has brought into Country Roads. And who knows, I may have another post of new creative project the boys dreamed up! I can't wait!!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

We are gonna have to stop by and really admire the new space...it looks fab!!!

Callie Magee Antiques said...

May I borrow the boys for a major redo of my whole store?
Great job!!!

The Renaissance Chick said...

Wow! Their work is kick ass! You know...Tim and Bryce look like a before and after advertisement for Rogaine!