When Cats Fly!!

Do you ever notice how cats are attracted to something new in the house? Since Bryce now has a baby girl, some of his "stuff" has to be thinned out. He bought these vintage airline seats from one of our dealers at Country Roads. Recently he temporarily put them in Riley's playroom. And as you can see, the cats are ready for "take off"!! And for Jacque and Malisa, there will be more baby pictures up tonight when Riley meets Morgan! Okay, "fasten your seat belts"!


The Texas Woman said...

Cute cat picture, girlie!

The Texas Woman

Debbie's Garden said...

I think if you'd put a bed of nails in there they'd still lay on it!

Anonymous said...

I think they need to buckle their seatbelts before take off!!!

trash talk said...

I wanted the window seat!