Country Roads: "Always Your Favorite, Never The Same"

There are mornings when I'm walking by my front windows to "go to work", it never quite sinks in that Country Roads is "my" business. Taking credit for things I've accomplished isn't always easy for me, but nonetheless, I am very proud of Country Roads. In our 17th year of business, I have watched my customers kids have kids and they now bring in their grandbabies! Teresa(Haddix), where are the photos of YOUR grandkids? We have around 80 vendors here at Country Roads that "get it". They know about quality and pricing and DISPLAY! As I walked around taking over 200 pictures for this slideshow below, I realized what a great store "Roads" is. And if you live to far to come shopping after you see this, you can call us and with that little piece of plastic in your hand & any of the treasures you spot can be yours, just say "charge it"! Hope you enjoy the pictures, and for all of you that have supported Country Roads all these year, THANKS!
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Teresa said...

No grandkids yet. I had my kids later than most women. I had my son just before I turned 28, my daughter at 35. Now he's 15, and she is 8, going on bossy.

Love the slideshow. Country Roads is beautiful.

Sue said...

I added a last name to the "Teresa" on my post. Girl, you are waaay too young to be a gramma!

Malisa said...

I simply cannot wait to come to your store! I watched the slide show twice and there is drool on my laptop! I'm in so much trouble...I can tell!


claudie said...

I adore Smile box. I use it all the time for those special pictures. My family thinks I'm very creative. I haven't told them the secret yet...lol
I'm also drooling.
Happy Foto Friday...??
Love Claudie

trash talk said...

Simply put...you and your shop rock the house, literally!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hi Sue, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading about your home in Romantic Homes, Congrats on the article.