The Morgan & Riley Party!!

Justine's friend, Lindsey, came over before Morgan got home from the hospital. She wanted to make sure there was something "pink" outside to welcome our new baby girl. With pizza and a whole lot of love, here are some pictures of Morgan's first hours home with her family and all the chaos that is usually involved. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!!

Sadly, our little party had to come to an end, Morgan needed to sleep, and Riley needed to go home and get ready for bed. But Gramma, she's still sittin' at her computer smiling at the pictures of "her girls"!!


Alettesiriane said...

How nice and wonderfull!Thankyou!everything has been put back in place as I start a caotic day,A new baby is comming here too,and a wedding in the same week,but both joyfull .

Debbie's Garden said...

How sweeeet. Little 2 yr old girls make the best Little Mama's. So tender and loving.

The Texas Woman said...

Cute kiddos. Cute gate. I'm jealous!

The Texas Woman

Teresa said...

The girls are so precious. Love your gate, too.