One of Those Days

Today we had some staffing issues,so Riley came to work with Katie and I, and Carol worked with as well. The day started off well, Riley helped me take some pictures.

We all had lunch, walked around the store, and all and all it was a pretty busy day. Riley helped me look at the inventory and we talked about things Gramma liked. One of the most special highlights of the day was when Riley found the volume button the CD player. Let's just say THAT got everyones attention, and Riley just laughted and laughed!

The last hour of the day, Carol got an old wagon and pulled Riley around as they helped customers and added stuff to the wagon for Riley to play with. But, all things must end and the day came to an end. So, after a very long day at work, I think it was time for us ALL to call it a day!! I can identify with poor Riley's little face! We were both tired!!

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The Renaissance Chick said...

Bless her little heart...and I mean that in the nicest of ways! You both had a LONG day! Started off with a bang and ended up with a bang! Did she take a photo of you crying at the end of the day too? :)