Happy Fathers Day!

That's me and my dad, "Pat Moore" or when he was really pissed off at someone, "this is Mr.Moore"!! He was a character. He's been gone a little over two years now. He pretty much drove me crazy my whole life, especially in the end when the Alzheimer's kicked in. But I can look back now and see and remember the good times. He loved his family, me and my sister Teri. And his grandkids, my kids, meant the world to him. My dad worked hard to take care of us all when we were kids, and in his last few years when my mom was pretty sick, he devoted all his time to her. Actually, he died early on Valentine's morning a couple of years ago, five months after my mom. I think that was his Valentine's gift to her, the love of his life for almost 60 years. Below are a few of my favorite photos.This is one of my favorite pictures of my dad, me, and my sister at Pier Point Landing, in Long Beach, CA. My dad with me and my mom, his girls.I wish my dad would have lived long enough to see his only grandson become a father. He loved Bryce so much(pictured above with newborn Morgan and Riley), the only boy in a family of girls. I know my dad is proud of Bryce, and also proud of my son-in-law, Vinnie for the great dad he is to Riley and all the ways he helps me. Happy Father's day to all the dad's that really take the time with their kids, to be a good dad, and are always there for their kids!!


Teresa said...

Your posts are always so thoughtful, and heartfelt.

Have a great day.

trash talk said...

Beautiful post to a beautiful man. The kind of love your daddy had for your mother is a rarity. 60 years, oh my!!! How sad that you lost both of your parents so close together, but how amazing that were separate for such a short time and are now together forever.
Riley looks so much like you when you were a little girl...I bet you hear that all the time, right?

The Renaissance Chick said...

What a special post! You are lucky to have had good men in your life. Of course, you dumped the ones who weren't good! :)