High School Graduations

Yesterday, I was making a quick trip to the grocery store and drove by my old high school, Millikan HS, here in Long Beach, I asked myself, "how did time pass this quickl"? I can still remember the cheer song that spelled out the name of my school. Great, now I won't be able to get it out of my head all day! I haven't traveled too far from my roots. Katie and her family now own my folks home that I grew up in. My house now is right around the corner from my first job I had at a dry cleaners. And the pizza restaurant we all hung out at in high school and college still sits next to the dry cleaner and now my family and I eat there. I'm on the left in the picture above and posing with my bestfriend since elementary school Donna Nagel. Peace and love were big back then considering we got ourselves over in the Vietnam "situation".

I loved high school, had lots of friends, in a soriety, life was good back then. My folks didn't have a lot of money but I never did without much. As I sat at the red light in my car watching all the kids leaving Millikan, carrying their yearbooks, some wearing the school color of blue & gold, I thought about my life and all the years that have passed since I was carrying my yearbook, and re-reading all the stuff my friends wrote in it. I wondered would I do anything different if I could do it all over again? I think for the most part the answer would be no, I'm happy, content, and satisfied with my life. There is one small thing I "may" have reconsidered. When I was in my last semester of college at Cal State University Fullerton, I had only 12 units left until I received my BA in Sociology and minored in American Studies. Spent some serious time on the Cocopah Indian reservation in those days as well. I wanted to change the world! So, looking back the decision to quit college so I could continue to work, party, and have my own apartment probably was the only dumbass regret I have!! So, my wish to all this years grads is to "think, think, think" before you make any "dumbass" decisions about your education like I did. Happy Graduation Class of 2009!!


Jacque said...

Sue, I just got notice yesterday of my 30 year reunion, and I too did some reflecting. They set up a web site for us where classmates put a then and now photo and write a little about themselves. It is very interesting to see where people have ended up in life 30 years later. I did not stay in contact with anyone from those days so for me it is a true blind reunion. If you would have made different choices you may not have the great business and family that you do today, that doesn't seem "dumbass" to me at all, you are right where you are suppose to be! Take care~Jacque

Malisa said...

Aren't you cute in your cap and gown...flashing that peace sign!?

Who's the class thats really fine?
The Senior Class of 69!

You couldn't pay me a million bucks to go back to high school. I spent 4 years there as a student and another 30 there as an educator! Yuk! My life is finally happy with no more proms and no more graduations! Woo Hoo!


Sue said...

Hey, my best buddy, you are NOT suppose to reveal my real age! I think you did that on purpose because you are older, "bitch" of course in a loving way!