Birthday Leftovers!

For my birthday on Saturday, after the movies, my family all went to El Torito for dinner. It was fun, especially with Riley and Morgan there. Above is Riley and Bryce, her "favorite" Uncle (the only Uncle). Bryce sat between his two favorite girls as Riley checks on Morgan.Riley loves Morgan and always wants to make sure she is doin' okay!Riley always watches everyone with their iphones, that is how she knows how to do everything on them now!Dessert is always Riley's favorite part of the meal. What I like about my birthday the best is it continues for the next couple of weeks. I still get together with friends and celebrate and just have a nice time, I'm pretty lucky to have the family & friends I do in my life.


trash talk said...

I'd say you are real lucky. Riley has the cutest little head!!! Love those curls.

Jacque Ferreira said...

Happy Birthday Sue! The 21st was James' B-day so we spent the weekend on the beach, we had a great time, it looks like your day was fun too! Tell Riley my favorite part is dessert too!~Jacque

The Renaissance Chick said...

Riley and her Uncle Bryce have a very special relationship, don't they? Cute photos of your birthday dinner! Where are you? We need a birthday photo of the birthday girl!