Riley Days

My "Riley Days" usually start off the same way, we kick off our flip flops by the front door and get ready for some serious time playing!

And when I look into those big blue eyes and see that little smile on Riley's face, my heart melts!

It's only a matter of time before Morgan will be up & running and chasing Riley around! The one thing I know is this; I'm a very grateful Gramma that gets to spend lots of time with my two girls!

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Malisa said...

Riley is one busy little girl...with one busy Gramma! You are so lucky to be able to spend time with your precious granddaughter. Looks like Leonard is getting his share of attention in these photos!


ClassyChassy said...

Delightful little girl - sweet photos - is she as sweet as she looks??? Not a bit of trouble in her, is there?

Montee said...

She's a busy, busy bee. I remember when my Britnee was like that. Actually, she still is and she's 20 now.

That kitty is huge!

claudie said...

Hi Sue
I think I told you awhile ago now...but my Riley is 18 years old. A grown man.
Welcome to your new grand baby, Morgan. What little dolls.
Also loved your blooming Tuesday. Maybe I will give that a try since things are finally blooming here in Canada.
Hope your having a great weekend.
Love Claudie