Time in the Garden

"I'm ready Gramma" are the words Riley let out, it's time to water the garden. It's been overcast all week, so it was nice to see our California sunshine!

"watering our new plants"

"Riley waters very carefully, not missing a single spot"

"our sunflower we planted a few weeks ago is now taller than Riley" Gardening is always fun and relaxing, but when you have a little helper like I did today, it was much more fun!


Malisa said...

Riley looks so much like you! Ya'll are quite the pair!


Jacque said...

I saw Riley's wonderful smile and realized I have come to love that little girl through your eyes. You have shared your love for her with us and I feel like she belongs to all of us. It will be fun to see and get to know the new baby as well. You are a lucky grandma! I look forward to many more smiles from Riley~Jacque

delighted heart said...

Oh how cute! I know she is lots of fun. Looking forward to the time Bella can help me! Bet you are getting anxious waiting for that new grandaughter! I can definitely relate on that one! Saw your comment on about Deb's BIG table. That word bitchin you used difinitely pings you as a California girl! My mom got all over me in Jr. High for someone writing that in my yearbook! That was while I was living in CA in 1970!