Country Roads: It's Not Just a Job, It's An Adventure!

When you work the counter, someone or something is always starring at you, and there is no way out. Yesterday Katie spotted a "unique" individual headed our way. Unfortunately for me, I didn't see him coming so I was the lucky one to help him. He looked a bit "unique" but then he asked for a tape measure saying, "I need to measure something". Then I thought to myself,"oh, he's okay, needs to measure some furniture". Then out of the corner of my eye, I see him headed out the front door with my tape measure and I also notice he is wearing pajama bottoms and is kind of scarey! I told him I need my tape measure back in that I thought he was going to measure something in the store. He said, "NO, but I AM going to measure "something" and I thought you would just give me a tape measure"! I made him give it back, he wasn't too happy, and I never asked what the "something" was he was going to measure. I didn't want to go there. The rest of my day, I just felt those scarey eyes starring at me all day. Take a look below and you will see what I mean!

All day the customers stare, the dolls stare, and of course they all comment. After "Pajama Guy" left, this old lady had asked to use our bathroom. When she came back up to the counter she reported she had used all the toilet paper. I was sitting at small desk eating my lunch and she walks to that end of the counter and says to me, "you know, if it wasn't an emergency I would have never used THAT bathroom, it is D-isgusting" and then she storms out the front door. Yesi went to check the bathroom and it was fine, our building dates back to 1919, so we don't have a "Nordstrom style" bathroom! This woman wasn't even a customer, she was just a, well never mind. As we always say, "Country Roads isn't just a job, it's an adventure!! It's never boring.


Malisa said...

Ya'll have some crazies out there in California! Old dolls kind of creep me out. Put little sunglasses on em!


delighted heart said...

I've been so busy I haven't been blog reading for a while and i'm sorry I missed your announcement of your beautiful new grandaughter! She is gorgous! I rolled back into your archives to catch all of them and they are great! I know Riley is sure proud of that little Morgan and I know you are too! Congratulations and many blessings!

The Texas Woman said...

That's why I don't have any doll heads around MY house!

The Texas Woman