A Day With "Gramma's Girls"!

When Riley comes over to spend the day with me, we first stand outside and Riley waves good-bye to her mommy,Katie. Then we come in the house and right away, "Gramma,where's baby Morgan". She LOVES her new little cousin and loves to help. Riley started to help her Auntie Justine change Morgan's diaper until she saw the surprise inside! Then Riley laughed and just said, "Ewwwwww"!Riley can hardly wait until Morgan gets bigger so she can play. When Morgan is in her swing, Riley is right by her side, turning on the music, making sure she is covered up, and talking to her. I know I'm a bit prejudiced, but I have to say it is really cute.I love when Riley says, "let's play Gramma". Today Riley was planning on doing some serious cookin!! Riley is getting serious as she gets ready to cook her Gramma lunch! "Your lunch is done Gramma"! I can never say this enough, but I am just so, so grateful to be spend time, almost daily with "my girls". I can't even put into words how special it is to be so close to them. . . totally heartwarming.


trash talk said...

I'm with Riley on the diaper thing...EEEWW! Not a task I'm looking forward to with Miss Bella.
They are both so darn cute, it should be against the law. I just love Riley's precious curls!!!
Have fun and cram as much into the day as you can!

Malisa said...

Looks like Gramma and her two beautiful granddaughters are busy little bees! You are one lucky woman!