Country Roads Staff: Next Generation!

What I love best about my family business, Country Roads, was having my kids grow-up helping at the store ever since they were small! And now I've got two grandkids getting ready to step into the shoes of running a family business. While Morgan relaxes, Riley fills her in on all the ins and outs of business, antiques, and life.

Riley likes to demonstrate to Morgan how to use a vintage hand mixer. Actually after I showed Riley once how to use it, she caught on right away. "Vintage" and "junkin" is in our blood!

Riley was bummed when Morgan fell asleep as she wanted to continue her conversation with her about the best place to find all the cool antiques, Country Roads!

Apparently Riley also decided she should illustrate what Country Roads can look like after a busy Saturday at the store. Dumping out all of your toys on the floor and leaving was Riley's way of showing Morgan just how bad it can get!!

So, my reward for the day? Vinnie came over to pick up Riley and he brought me a cool present pictured above for my garden. And where did Vinnie get this rusty treasure, the trash, of course, and as he said, "I've learned well".


Malisa said...

What a sweet photo of Morgan! And Riley is such a little helper! Seems you are training your son in law well!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Cousins growing up together!!!!

The best situation ever.


The Texas Woman said...

What people throw away!

I agree with Clara. So nice to raise cousins in the same area.

The Texas Woman

trash talk said...

I raised my daughter the same way (our son never cared for the "junk") and I'm sure Bella will be joining us on junking forays!
Isn't it wonderful to have little ones around? Yours are beautiful.