Vintage Medical Cabinets

I love old, vintage medical cabinets and ALL of these cabinets came from Country Roads! I think its fun to use them in my house for different things. The one above is in my bathroom, and has a collection of old medical instruments and also part of my razor/shaving collection. I paid the most for this one but with the glass shelves, the heater button still on it, I tell myself it was worth it.

This cabinet is in "the bathroom in the hall". When I had my other kids still living here it use to hold towels and supplies. Now I have it filled with vintage trophies. I still need to paint the brown section of the cabinet black. It was a repair the dealer made to this piece, and I so wish he would have chose another color.

This cabinet is Bryce's and is a rare one, almost like a stepback cupboard but metal. I've never, ever seen one like this. It holds some of his small collectibles. Originally, this cabinet was used in a dentist office. And by the way, since I get up at the crack of dawn and start working, Bryce was very kind to clean his stuff off the top of it to let me take a picture!

And lastly, this small vintage medical cabinet is baby Morgan's. It's waiting to be filled with her little things and she too will grow-up, just like my kids did, loving the vintage and antique stuff! Also, this is the very best way to recycle, you know what I mean? Stop by Country Roads, or visit my dealers blogs, you never know what you will find at our store!!

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The Texas Woman said...

Lucky little baby Morgan!

The Texas Woman