Technology & Our Crazy World

You know, I DO understand some of the stuff about technology and how things work. Lately, I've just been freaked out by something that keeps happening on Facebook. For those of you that have Facebook, you know that they have "suggested" friends you should add. I know much of it is generated through email addresses, but honestly the rest is mind boggling to me. The above picture is of a girl named Mary and her son Jake. Mary use to shop at Country Roads, but I knew Mary more through emails she would send me because her MS and kept her from physically shopping anymore. She was always positive, sharing cat pictures, and stories about her little boy. A couple of months ago when I was reading the newspaper and had also saw it on the local news, Mary and her son Jake were victims of a murder/suicide. Mary's boyfriend, Craig, had shot both of them and then himself. I later found out from a comment on my previous blog post about this that Craig,who was Jake's dad, had lost his job, was losing his truck, and they were being evicted from their apartment. And probably in his "heart of hearts" he thought this was the best solution, as Mary and Jake's MS were also getting worse.This picture I borrowed from a blog post that Craig's former girlfriend posted. I was glad she explained what led to this tragic ending of three lives. What now is making me really think about technology, our crazy world, and life is Facebook! Every once in awhile when I peek at my Facebook account Mary's photo will pop-up to be added as a friend. I always stop and just stare. I didn't know Mary well, I just knew about the person that would send me pictures of her little boy, pictures of cats & dogs, she rescued pets just like me. Our country is such a mess right now and it bothers me. For most of you that know me, I'm pretty liberal. But at what point do we start taking some of this aid we send all over the world, to help "aid" our friends, family,neighbors, strangers that are living in the United States and ending their lives because they've lost everything and don't know where to turn? I guess Mary's smiling face on my Facebook reminds me of the person I knew: a mom that loved her son more than life itself, someone that enjoyed my blog and stories of Country Roads, and the lady that sent be pictures, quotes and and positive comments. So, I was wrap this post up, I want to ask a favor of all of you? There are always people on freeway off ramps, on our street corners that are asking for help. Even if it is only a dollar, maybe if we all started reaching out to them we could "slowly" make a difference. What happened in Mary's life could have been prevented it there was more help available to people in her's and Craig's situation. Mary always ended each of my emails with this quote, "Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over. . .she became a beautiful butterfly". I also look at butterflies differently than I use to these days!


Tracy said...

Oh gosh,that is sooooooo sad.
My husband and I had this same thing happen to a couple we became friends with through antiqueing.
It has been a few months but we still say all the time we can't believe they're gone. This couple was having financial trouble and in his letter he said he didn't have the heart to leave her behind, we sure wish he had though, Denise was such a sweet person.

Jacque said...

Our society dictates that what we have or don't have is of the utmost importance, so much, that when the "THINGS" of life are in jeopardy people react in desperate ways. We need to as human beings realize where our importance lies. This story is very sad and worse just one of many. Everyday people are giving up on life and love because they have lost "THINGS". I am with you Sue, lets help our neighbors with the things they really need but even more so help them realize they are more then their "Things"! ~Jacque