Morgan's Room

Morgan is now ten days old and is making herself right at home. Before she was born, I hadn't emptied the little room next to Bryce and Justine's room for them. Later on, that will be Morgan's room. But for now, it's Bryce's room for his tv, video games and all his "stuff". He is like the rest of us in this business, addicted to antiques.Bryce, actually started painting Morgan's part of their master bedroom while Justine was in the hospital. He's still in the process of decorating & finishing it up, but I love how he's mixed in all the vintage stuff, including the old medical cabinet, with the new baby stuff.Bryce displayed some vintage stuff mixed in with Morgan's "new" stuff as well. The antique christening gown was a gift from Norm and Jeannie, who are dealers at Country Roads. Can't wait until Morgan is big enough for a photo in it. There are a couple of Repasy florals hanging on the wall. And Christie, being the sweet person she is, decided to add a little "something" including Morgan's name to one of her prints. I can't wait to see the painting when she gives it to them.!\Bryce bought this vintage childs swing not too long after Justine found out she was pregnant. I knew he would figure out something to do with it. And, as Justine told me the other day she really doesn't mind Bryce decorating the room because he is "good at it", which he really is. I guess growing up in this business influenced him just a bit!
And little Morgan, I have a feeling will follow in our family footsteps! Junkin, decorating and collecting is something that is just in our family blood. And I'm sure in a few years, Bryce will be taking not only Morgan, but Riley as well, when he goes junkin. After all Brande would take him when he was only about ten years old with her to Vet's Flea Market. Bryce would ask "how much is this". And then when he would hear the price, he would reply, "I only have this much money", and yes, Bryce would usually get what he wanted! He will teach Morgan and Riley well!


trash talk said...

Precious baby...she doesn't look just 10 days old. Her skin is gorgeous!
The room is looking pretty darn cute, too!

The Texas Woman said...

What a beauty! She's cuter than the vintage swing and that is ever-so-darling!

The Texas Woman

Aiyana said...

Morgan is absolutely beautiful! I'm not one to gush over babies, but she really stands out.

The Renaissance Chick said...

What a beauty! Morgan is going to be a knock out...she already is! Love the vintage baby room. I have something I am sending that will fit right in!